How does Weblinguas work

Weblinguas is a language study center where users can test and improve their knowledge.

The concept used is of language immersion. Users can navigate in the language of their choice and use all study areas to practice languages.

In addition to the areas where it is possible to study, which encompass situations, pronunciation, words, newspapers, games and all others that will be incorporated into the site, there are two specific areas, as explained below:

    - Lessons and answers – lessons are posted in these areas, so that users can check the previous lessons sent by Weblinguas and their corresponding answers, as well as the answers to the lessons sent by email

    - Email lessons – in order to make their experience and access to the lessons easier, after registering as a Weblinguas’s community member,  users start to receive lessons in the language chosen every week and may find the answers to the Lessons in the specific website area.

Enjoy Weblinguas, it is made for you!