1) Will I incur any cost to receive the lessons via email?
R. No, this is a FREE SERVICE provided by Weblinguas.

2) What will I learn from the lessons?

R. At first, you will be in contact with a new language. Therefore, you will have an entirely new vocabulary and a new structure to be incorporated. They are language lessons, rather than a structured course, being designed as an aid for your studies.

3) If there is no charge for the service, how can Weblinguas provide it?
R. Weblinguas’s income will be covered by advertising and distinctive technological tools.

4) What will be done with my personal data?
R. Your personal details will be used exclusively by Weblinguas, and specifically for the purpose of adjusting our website, with an eye to improving the service to our community.

5) I want to provide suggestions or clarify doubts. What should I do?
R. Go to the contact section, fill in the form and contact us. We will be pleased to receive your suggestions or to answer your questions.

6)What happens after I register?
R. As soon as you have completed your registration, your name will be included in the list of community members, and you will receive lessons in the languages chosen every week.

7)Lessons come with exercises. Where do I find the answers?
R. Lessons are sent every week and, as soon as we send them, the answers are posted on the website, in a specific area, so that all users can access them and check if their answers are right.

8)I have registered, but have not received the lessons
R.Lessons are sent automatically after the registration. If you are not receiving the lessons by email, a problem may have occurred, or you may have made a typing error in the email address at the time of registration, or otherwise may have your antispam system enabled. In the latter case, you should disable it.