Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is applicable to the website and to all the material created by or sent under the brand name Weblinguas.

Weblinguas is not responsible for any information submitted by users in interactive areas offered and reserves the right to remove users found to have posted offensive, harmful or dangerous content.

All materials created by Weblinguas staff are protected by copyrights. Any reproduction or use thereof without Weblinguas’s prior consent, in writing, is not permitted. For texts and materials from different authors, the source will be specified.

Users’ navigation and registration data will be used only by Weblinguas staff for the purpose of improving the navigation experience and the website use by all members. All this information will be handled confidentially, secretly and safely.

Weblinguas may provide direct access to other websites. In this case, all users are expected to understand that Weblinguas is not responsible for any policy of third-party websites when they are accessed through Weblinguas.

Weblinguas represents that it follows a strict control policy regarding any type of software likely to harm its users’ systems. Users, however, should understand that, despite the strict control exercised in relation thereto, Weblinguas’s website is not free from the unpredictable action of malicious programs that can affect its systems. In this case, Weblinguas undertakes to restore its systems within the shortest possible time and according to the best technical solutions available on the market.

Because it works with distance courses, Weblinguas does not undertake any responsibility for the results obtained from the material freely provided, as they depend on users’ personal efforts. With regard to paid courses, Weblinguas is responsible solely and only as far as the content provided as the purpose of each course is concerned.

Weblinguas is not under the obligation of continuing to send lessons or to update any material. This is material provided free of cost as it is created, being offered according to Weblinguas’s possibility and needs.

This policy becomes effective on December 1, 2008 and supersedes the previous version. It may be amended by Weblinguas at its own discretion, and users should check for new versions from time to time. This policy does not create any contractual relationship between Weblinguas and any other party.