What is Weblinguas

Weblinguas is a project conceived inside CLL – Centro Latino de Línguas in 2.000 for the purpose of spreading the teaching and practice of languages on the Internet.

Weblinguas’s mission is to disseminate language teaching using technological tools, by providing users with ease of access, practicality and invariably updated and high-quality content.

Between the years 2000 and 2005, vast library content was hosted and lessons were sent to community members from virtually all edges of the world, with the number of lessons sent exceeding 200,000 per week.

In 2008, the companies H2Web and MDL joined the project with an eye to enhancing the services available to Weblinguas’s community and re-launch the website portal with more contemporary and user-friendlier navigation resources, added to new language learning tools.

By combining the know-how of all three companies and CLL’s experience in running Weblinguas since the year 2000, the site was redesigned in February 2009 and re-introduced to the community.

Our proposal for the future is to continue to offer high-quality, updated content with distinctive technological tools capable of motivating users and making learning easier every day.

Enjoy Weblinguas, it is made for you!